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Item # CC182

Set of 19th Century Sèvres Style Porcelain Mirrors
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A Very Rare and Special Palatial Pair of Late 19th Century Sèvres Style Porcelain Mirrors


Each mirror is made up of over 20 fantastic individually hand crafted pieces of porcelain.  Eight beautiful unique plaques with scenes of cherubs and doves playing and frolicking, separated by floral paintings.  Intricately designed sea shells on the top corners. All on a giltwood back.


In late 1739 - early 1740 the Sèvres Porcelain Factory opened in the Royal Château of Vincennes, Sixteen years later in 1756 the factory moved to the village of Sèvres located outside of Paris and in route to Louis XV's Palace of Versailles where it became the preeminent porcelain manufacturer in Europe. When the company ran into financial difficulties, the King who had become an avid client bought out the shareholders and became the sole owner. The factory remained in the royal family until it was nationalized following the French Revolution.  

The range of objects produced in the first half of the nineteenth century was enormous, as were the types of decoration that they employed. The Sèvres factory produced ninety-two new designs for vases. The factory is still in production today.

Item # CC182

Height: 70 inches / 178cm
Width: 57 inches / 145cm

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