Pair of 20th century gilt and bronze 6 light torchersPair of 20th century gilt and bronze 6 light torchers

A Rare and Palatial Pair of Mid 20th Century Gilt Bronze and Malachite Six Light Torcheres

Item # ES1


The body of baluster form above a gilt bronze mounted circular and square base, the neck mounted with flowers and foliage leading up to seven tiered bronze acanthus arms.

Malachite is a semi-precious stone and also a valuable copper ore, hydrous copper carbonate. It is a beautiful green earth stone with irregular black banding. It is easily recognized by its color, green streak, and silky or velvety luster. It was used to make beautiful jewelry and to adorn only the finest pieces of furniture. In the 18th and 19th centuries malachite was popular with Russian Czars and Nobility. They often used it to decorate their palaces and own personal furnishings. The Hermitage Museum has one of the biggest and best displays of Malachite pieces in the world.

Height – 96 inches / 244cm
Width – 20 inches / 51cm
Depth – 20 inches / 51cm

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